Workers trap their own van by building a fence around it



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MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM — It what can only be described as an amazing feat of human engineering and ingenuity, two workers managed to trap their own van on a driveway after building a fence around it.
And thanks to a Col Condron and his phone across the street—it was all captured on camera.

Talking to the Manchester Evening News, Condron said the two men were tasked with constructing a fence around a house, so they parked their white work van on the driveway.
And then they totally forgot about it and got down to work, putting in a bunch of posts and concrete paneling.
After the Da Vincis fenced themselves in, they realized their boneheaded mistake. But only after they fenced themselves in.
According to Condron, they had to spend half an hour taking the fence down, so they could get the van out.
After that mission was accomplished, they put the fence back up again.
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