Worker steals $88,000 from bank, arrested after social media posts

Arlando Henderson was arrested by the FBI on Dec. 4 thanks to an Instagram post.


NSFW    SAN DIEGO — An ex-employee was busted by the FBI on Dec. 4 for allegedly stealing over $88,000 in cash from a Wells Fargo vault in North Carolina.
He might have gotten away with it too—probably not—if only it weren't for his damn social media posts.

According to an unsealed indictment released last Friday by the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of North Carolina, 29-year-old Arlando Henderson had access to the Wells Fargo vault in Charlotte where he worked.
According to the indictment, on at least 18 occasions in 2019 he stole money from cash deposits made by the bank's customers to the vault, and then deposited some of it at a nearby ATM.
The indictment alleges that Henderson then destroyed certain documents and made—or caused others to make—false entries in the bank's books and records to cover his tracks.
He is accused of using the cash to pay for personal expenses, including a $20,000 down payment on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz.
Why do we know any of this? Because between July and August 2019, Henderson had the genius to hop on Facebook and Instagram to post a boatload of pictures with him holding huge stacks of cash.
Henderson is now facing a ton of charges, including two counts of financial institution fraud and 19 counts of theft. Guess it's time for a new Facebook update.
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