Worker falls down 40-foot hole at Trump prototype border wall site

Things are getting off to a great start at Trump's Otay Mesa border wall bonanza as a worker plummeted 40-feet down a hole on the first day.


NSFW    OTAY MESA, CALIFORNIA — A worker who wasn't paying attention fell down a 40-foot hole at Trump's border wall prototype construction site in Otay Mesa.

The worker escaped without serious injury and eventually went back to work, according to U.S. Custom and Border Protection spokesman Carlos Diaz, NBC San Diego reported.

The man was digging the foundation for one of the wall prototypes at the time. Apparently, a double layer of plywood was supposed to prevent these types of accidents from occurring.

The construction worker was practicing excellent workplace safety by walking backwards and not looking where he was going.

He fell into the 40-foot hold around 10 a.m.

He was hoisted out of the hole and checked for injuries on scene. As he was okay, he got back to work.

Construction of eight wall prototypes began this week. Six contractors from across the country have 30-days to complete their walls.

As to who's going to pay for all this in the end...clearly it's without a doubt going to be Mexico.
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