Woman with unforgettable mugshot arrested for 3rd time

A woman who went viral last year for her inked mugshot has been arrested. Again.


NSFW    DAYTON, OHIO — An Ohio woman whose mean mug went viral last year is making headlines once again, after being jailed for the third time in the last six months.

WKYC reports that 27-year-old Alyssa Zebrasky's inked face made its criminal debut in November 2018 for an obstructing justice arrest.

She and boyfriend Logan Daugherty had been in possession of weapons and tried to run from the cops.

Zebrasky's distinct facial tattoos consist of a spider web and a full skeleton face, which quickly got attention online.

A month later, Miss Dia de los Muertos got nabbed once again after stealing a bag from Walmart. The guys in blue also busted her for possession of meth, and for failing to appear in court for her first crime.

Her tattooed mug made its latest appearance in April, after the police booked her into Montgomery County Jail on a charge stemming out of Mahoning County.

There's no telling what gnarliness she got into this time, but given her track record, that's probably not the last we'll see of it.
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