Woman wants to hire someone to make all her decisions for her

This might be a bad life choice.


NSFW    BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM — A woman in Bristol has come up with a way to stop herself from making any more bad life choices — by paying someone else to do it for her.

The unnamed lady posted an odd job request on Bark.com looking for a clairvoyant or spiritual guide to decide her choices for a month. The payoff? A pretty sweet £2,000 or $2,600 for a month's worth of decision-making, according to her ad.

She claims she has a history of making terrible decisions. In the past year alone, she's lost money she loaned to a friend, got stranded penniless while backpacking in New Zealand, and was in an abusive relationship for half a year before getting dumped.

She also got mugged while cutting through a shady area, and is convinced she's incapable of making the right decisions.

According to the ad, the lucky candidate will need to be on-call, presumably 24/7, so they can help her with anything and everything, from who to go on a Tinder date with, to what to spend her savings on.

Since she messages a lot, whoever it is needs to be available to message back, and quickly.

Bark co-founder Kai Feller said in an article on the company's blog that though the idea is a bit strange, it's surprising that such a request hadn't come sooner. He likened it to a financial adviser managing people's finances.

Sure, but with this lady's tendency to make bad choices, who's to say getting a life adviser is a good call?
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