Woman trashed apartment before falling 16-stories down trash chute

A 'manic and crazed' woman trashed a neighbor's apartment before falling down a garbage chute from the 16th floor of a luxury Portland apartment.


NSFW    PORTLAND, OREGON — A woman in Portland is in the hospital after trashing her neighbor's luxury condo and then throwing herself down a garbage chute from the 16th floor.

Steven Lofton told The Oregonian that the woman had been in a 'manic and crazed' state when she pounded on his door around lunch on Monday.

When he opened the door, she rushed in and went wild, throwing and breaking things and absolutely trashing his apartment.

She eventually ran back out to the hallway and began physically fighting with her boyfriend, whose condo is on the same floor. At this point, Lofton says he closed the door and called the cops.

Police believe the woman then climbed into the garbage chute on her own, and proceeded to plunge 16 stories down.

Rescuers later found her unconscious and with a bad head injury in the building's trash collection area, and took her to the hospital. Fire officials had no update on her condition as of Tuesday afternoon.

According to Lofton, the unnamed woman didn't live in the building, but was known on the floor since she and her man had loud fights and physical altercations.

Residents had raised their concerns about the couple to management several times, though it seemed nothing had been done to address the issue.
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