Woman throws luck coins at plane so relative gets no run ins

This story is money.


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XICHANG, CHINA — It seems harder and harder nowadays to find good ways to use loose change, that is unless you live in China and enjoy the comforts of air travel.
According to the Chengdu Business News, a superstitious 23-year-old woman surnamed Wang was thoughtful enough to bless her plane by tossing three coins at the aircraft while on the jetway.
Reports say the MONEY incident occurred at an airport in the Sichuan province city of Xichang on September 5, as Wang and some relatives were flying to a family wedding.

At first, no one noticed the preflight coin toss. It wasn't until airport workers later found three coins on the ground during a security check and notified police.
According to the SCMP, after authorities examined the surveillance footage, they identified Wang as the culprit.

Wang told police one of her cousins had a kid with a bit of an issue with the runs, so she thought by hurling coins at the plane it would help with a safe journey.
She also made it a point to tell authorities she didn't know coin tossing was a massive no-no.
On a side note—Wang is also trying to get into medical school.
At this point it kind of seems like a preflight ritual, as China has been blessed with up to at least eight of these lucky coin incidents over the past few years.
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