Woman thinks dude is in the wrong line for first class (he's not)

This dude's selfie highlighting a lady with the text "This woman is funny LMFAO" has been shared over 223,000 times on Facebook.


NSFW    ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA— A photo of a woman who thought a man was in the wrong place when he was waiting to board his first class seat has gone viral.

According to Emmit Walker's Facebook post, he was waiting in a priority line to board first class seating when the woman approached him.

Apparently, because of how Walker looked, she thought he was in the wrong place. Walker says he pulled out his first class ticket and told her he was in the right spot and she could board after him.

Walker claims she wouldn't let it go, saying, "he must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait". But Walker retorted with a clap-back of epic proportions that, he says, had everybody in line clapping.
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