Woman survives 8-storey fall from burning building

Footage taken in Moscow shows a woman attempting to escape a burning apartment by climbing out onto the window ledge. She soon plummets almost 60 feet to the ground, but miraculously survives.


NSFW    MOSCOW — A woman is lucky to be alive after escaping both an apartment blaze and the harrowing 60-foot drop to safety.

Footage posted by Ruptly shows the fire raging through a block of flats in a high-rise Moscow apartment building.

One resident desperate to escape the inferno climbed out of the window and can be seen teetering precariously on the narrow ledge outside. As the fire worsened, the woman fell backward and plunged eight storeys to the ground below.

She miraculously survived the fall, but reportedly fell into a coma soon afterwards.

Nine other people were reportedly evacuated from the building due to the fire, the cause of which has yet to be determined.
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