Woman survives 10 hours at sea after falling from cruise ship

Talk about an impressive survival tale.


NSFW    CROATIA — A British woman on a cruise ship in the Adriatic Sea fell into the water approximately 60 miles off the coast of Croatia and reportedly spent 10 hours treading water before being rescued.
The 46-year-old, who some local media identified as Kay Longstaff, said, "I fell off the back of the Norwegian Star and I was in the water for 10 hours, so these wonderful guys rescued me," in an interview with Croatia's state television network HRT.
According to the Washington Post, she declined to tell reporters how she fell off the cruise ship.

The cruise company is expected to examine closed-circuit camera footage in order to determine the events leading up to the incident.
The company said the woman went overboard as the ship was headed to Venice. The ship was stopped and a search mounted after crew realized someone had fallen overboard.
Croatian navy and coast guard were also alerted. The navy used a PC-9 aircraft and a patrol boat.

Kay was spotted around 9:40 p.m. in the sea and rescued five minutes later.
She was taken to a hospital in Pula, Croatia and is in stable condition.

According to the Guardian, the incident is under investigation and the British embassy in Croatia has been informed.
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