Woman stung by scorpion on United Airlines flight

Scorpion on United Airlines planes stings woman on flight to Atlanta.


NSFW    SAN FRANCISCO / ATLANTA — A woman on a United Airlines plane got a nasty stowaway that turned what should've been a relatively uneventful flight into a painful one.

According to TMZ, the lady was on a flight from San Francisco to Atlanta Thursday morning when she felt a stinging sensation on her leg. She went to the lavatory when it intensified, and that's when a very much alive scorpion fell out of her pants leg and scurried away.

As if snakes on a plane wasn't bad enough, now we gotta worry about these venomous little buggers?!

Flight attendants — bless them — eventually caught the scorpion.

According to a United Airlines statement, medics treated the passenger as soon as the plane landed in Atlanta. She was taken to the hospital, and is going to be just fine.

No word on how the scorpion ended up on the plane, but we've got a few ideas.
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