Woman spends $63,000 on 32S boobs and tanning injections

A German woman who claims to have the biggest boobs in Europe has now gotten into tanning injections that make her look “African dark.”


NSFW    TRIER, GERMANY — A former flight attendant turned model decided it would be in her best interest to drop $63,000 to become a real-life Barbie.

Martina Big claims she has the biggest jugs in Europe at a whopping 32S. What makes her plastic cans even more special is that she can be pump them up by injecting saline into them by herself.

And wouldn’t you know it, the self-proclaimed 28-year-old plans to spend even more money on further enhancements.

Her latest addiction has been transforming her mayonnaise colored skin into a darker shade which she referred to as “African dark” by using tanning injections.

According to Big, she’s going for a “dark crispy brown” look. Wait, are we talking about fried chicken?

Besides the melanin injections, Big still uses a 50-tube sunbed at her house.

She said her fans were at first taken back by her darker look, but have since come around.

The former flight attendant started enhancing her body in 2012 after her boyfriend, Michael, suggested she get into modeling.

She plans to have a booty-lift later this year and plans to keep going with her tanning injections.
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