Woman sells all her things to pay for pet's life-saving surgery

A London dog owner put up everything she owns on sale just to have enough money to pay for her yorkie-chi's surgery.


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LONDON — A dog owner in London is willing to give everything she owns just to save her beloved pet yorkie-chi Snoopy.

The Guardian reports that Dolly-Ann Osterloh met Snoopy, a yorkie-chihuahua, nine years ago, when she rescued him from a kill shelter in New Jersey. The poor pup had been abandoned by a family after Christmas, and found in a trash bin. Since his rescue, the pair have been inseparable.

But during a vet check up to assess Snoopy's breathing difficulties, he was diagnosed with mitral valve disease, and given only a few more months to live.

Poor little fella has had to take medication 11 times a day to help with his condition, and can only be saved through surgery.

Osterloh had chanced upon a pioneering treatment by a team of Japanese and French surgeons in Paris, that could reportedly restore Snoopy back to health. Problem is, the surgery costs an eye-watering 37,000 pounds and needs to be paid in cash. And even with her savings, a bank loan, and donations, Osterloh still came up short.

To make up the rest of the money, the 32-year-old former actress opened her London apartment for 24 hours and put all her belongings up for sale.

Thankfully, the tactic worked. Osterloh now has the money to pay for her precious pet's surgery, and may even have extra from her GoFundMe page.

Seems Snoopy is finally set for his September 19 surgery in Paris. Get well soon, buddy!
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