Woman's puppy revealed to be baby fox

If you ever buy a dog in China, might want to make sure it's actually a dog.


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SHANXI PROVINCE, CHINA — A Chinese woman was surprised to learn recently that her 3 month-old puppy was actually a fox cub.

A woman named Ms Wang reportedly bought that she thought was a Japanese Spitz puppy for around $190 last summer in a Shanxi province pet store.

According to the Sun, Wang noticed something was afoot when her baby pooch started rejecting dog food and other food.

Citing local media, the Sun reports Wang is getting ready to hand the animal over to the zoo. She's not the only one to be duped into buying a fake dog.

Recently a Chinese couple were surprised after their Tibetan-Mastiff pup started walking on its hind legs. Turns out their 2 year-old canine was actually a 240 lb Asiatic bear.
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