Woman's eyelids glued shut after failed eyelash extensions

And that's why you don't get eyelash extensions.


NSFW    PHUKET, THAILAND — A woman who went to get some eyelash extensions left a salon with here eyes swollen shut after a botched procedure.

Apparently the woman and her beautician weren't seeing eye-to-eye because the lady used super glue to attach the fake lashes instead of the proper cosmetic adhesives, according to Yahoo Sports.

A video of the woman getting her eyelids fixed was posted on Facebook and has since racked up an eye popping 1.3 million views.

Fara, the beautician that helped to woman get the glue and fake lashes off, said she's never seen a case like this.
According to Sanook, Fara said when the woman came into see her the glue had already dried and her eyes were mad swollen.
To remove the fake lashes, Fara first had to apply some solution to soften the glue, then she used a steel cuticle pusher to scrap the fake lashes away from her eyes.

It's unclear where the woman got her super glue extensions done, but after this eye-opening experience, she probably won't be looking to go back anytime soon.
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