Woman ruined $300,000 worth of art after great date with lawyer

A lawyer tried to kick a date out of his house, so she trashed $300,000 worth of his art.


NSFW    HOUSTON — A tipsy Dallas woman on a first date with a Houston trial lawyer went on a rampage and destroyed at least $300,000 worth of his art.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, was arrested on Saturday on criminal mischief charges after her date with Anthony Buzbee ended with a sting, according the AP.
Buzbee claims Layman got blasted on their date, so after he took her to his house, he called her an Uber.
Layman refused to leave and played a game of hide and seek. After being found, Buzbee called a 2second Uber.

That's when Layman apparently went bananas and tore down several paintings — including two Andy Warhol works together worth a million dollars — and poured red wine over some of them too.
She also tossed around a couple of $20,000 sculptures and introduced them to the floor.
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