Woman restrained with duct tape and zip ties after storming cockpit

After being restrained with duct tape and zip ties, the violent passenger bit a flight attendant and kicked crew members on board.


NSFW    CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — Federal authorities arrested a passenger last Wednesday after she charged the plane's cockpit and attacked crew members.

The incident took place when an American Airlines flight from Dallas/Fort Worth was preparing to land in Charlotte. That is when 36-year-old Charlene Harriott suddenly bolted toward the cockpit and ignored flight attendants' instructions to sit down.

The flight attendants chased after Harriot and then restrained her with duct tape and zip ties in the first-class section of the plane. While restrained, Harriot became even more violent and BIT one flight attendant in the arm and kicked another.

Harriott was held in the Mecklenburg County Jail on three counts of assault and battery. On Thursday a federal judge reportedly ordered her to remain in custody until a detention hearing next week.
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