Woman plunges 6 stories attempting yoga pose

A woman fell six stories after attempting to balance on her balcony during a yoga pose.


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SAN PEDRO / MEXICO — A 23-year-old woman was posing for photographs on her balcony when she slipped and fell six stories, yet miraculously survived.

The now-viral photo shows Alexa Terrazas balancing upside down on the railing.

Citing local media outlet, El Imparcial, Ladbible state she slipped and fell 25 meters where she was then taken to a local hospital in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

An 11-hour surgery was conducted to "reconstruct" her legs, however, doctors claim she might not be able to walk for three years.

Local reports say she is now in the hospital in critical condition. Some of her injuries include fractures to all four limbs and pretty serious injuries to her hips and skull.

According to watchful neighbors, this was not the first time Terrazas has been observed practicing dangerous yoga on the balcony.

Neighbors told El Imparcial reporters that they frequently saw the woman trying out dangerous stunts.

An investigation carried out by the Nuevo Leon attorney general's office showed that there were no structural failings in the balcony.
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