Woman passes out on plane, wakes up to an empty aircraft

A woman woke up on a dark, cold and empty plane after falling asleep during an Air Canada flight.


NSFW    TORONTO — Imagine being so invisible that everyone, including the cabin crew, just switch off the lights, lock the plane up for the night and leave you inside.

That's exactly what happened to Tiffani Adams on an Air Canada from Quebec to Toronto on June 9.

The BBC reported that when Ms. Adams woke up, she was freezing, still buckled into her seat and that everyone had gone.

Ms. Adams managed to call a friend to let her know where she was when her phone died less than a minute into the SOS call.

Unfortunately, she was unable to charge her phone as all the power to the plane was shut off.

The Independent reported that the woman made her way to the planes main door, opened it and was met with a 50ft drop.

She then sat with her legs dangling out of the aircraft while sending out a distress signal using a flashlight she found onboard.

Ms. Adams luckily spotted a random baggage handler who was passing the plane and flagged him down. He was reportedly shocked to see her and questioned how the heck they left her on the plane.

In the Facebook post shared by her friend, Adams said she's been "terrified" and is having recurring nightmares since the incident and now has trouble sleeping. She also said she wakes up anxious and afraid she's been locked up someplace dark.

An airline spokesperson confirmed the incident to the Independent and that Air Canada is looking into it.
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