Woman mistakes emergency exit for toilet and delays flight

A flight was delayed for seven hours because a passenger mistook the emergency exit for the head.


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MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM — Passengers onboard a flight from Manchester to Pakistan were left feeling down in the dumps when a woman mistakenly opened the plane's emergency exit thinking it was the can, causing a seven-hour flight delay.

The plane was on the runway when the female passenger elected to use the toilet despite the seatbelt signs being lit.

It's unclear how the woman was able to open the emergency exit without being stopped by the cabin crew. As a result, the plane's emergency slides deployed.

According to The Express Tribune, Pakistan officials blame a lack of airline staff for the incident.

The Guardian reported that when the woman was questioned on why she opened the emergency door, she said that she thought it was the toilet.

A spokesperson for Pakistan International Airlines, also known as PIA, told The Express Tribune that, "there was no threat of any kind."

PIA followed protocol and offloaded disgruntled passengers with some taking to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction.

The Sun reported that the flight was pushed back from its scheduled departure of 9:20 p.m on Friday to 5 a.m on Saturday.
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