Woman missing in Shanghai after splashing ink on Xi Jinping poster

The 29-year-old woman vanished without a trace, while others around China began splashing some ink themselves.


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SHANGHAI — A woman is missing in Shanghai, having disappeared after broadcasting a live video of herself splashing ink on a poster of Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, the Communist party has decided to take down posters of Xi Jinping, Radio Free Asia reports, as others have also taken to splashing ink on the president's face around the country.

The movement spread as a way to support Dong Yaoqiong, 29, a Chinese blogger who posted a live video online on July 4th of herself throwing ink at a poster of Xi Jinping poster. In the video she says she opposes Xi's authoritarian tyranny.

A few hours later, she posted a picture of men in uniform outside her door. That was her last tweet before her account was closed and she vanished.

A Beijing artist who shared her video and expressed concerns about her safety, as well as Dong's father, were also both detained and questioned, Radio Free Asia reports. The two may have been placed under house arrest.
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