Woman killed by alligator as she attempts to save her dog

A woman was taking her dog for a walk at a lagoon in South Carolina when the unfortunate incident occurred.


NSFW    BEAUFORT COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA — A woman was walking her dog when the pair was suddenly confronted by an alligator, reports USA Today.

Cassandra Cline was walking her dog around the lagoon of the Hilton Head Island community, when an 8-foot-long alligator suddenly appeared out of nowhere and went after her pet.

Cline didn't hesitate to jump into to try to rescue her pooch.

Unfortunately, she was no match for massive reptile, which turned on her instead, dragging her into the water.

Cline's body was later found in the lagoon by emergency responders, reports CNN.

The dog, however, miraculously escaped unharmed.

The Beaufort County Sheriff's office said an autopsy would be conducted soon, adding that they are "shocked and heartbroken over this loss."
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