Woman jailed for trying to open plane door mid-flight

A woman who attempted to open the emergency exit door mid-flight during a drunken rage has been sentenced to two years in prison.


NSFW    CHELMSFORD, UNITED KINGDOM — A lady who tried to open a plane door mid-flight is set to spend the next two years in the slammer.

The BBC reports that last June 22, Chloe Haines had been drunk as a skunk on both alcohol and medication while travelling with her wheelchair-bound nan aboard a Jet2 flight to Dalaman, Turkey.

Prosecutors say she lunged at a door handle on the emergency exit door, bellowing "I want to die!" and "I'm going to kill you all!" as cabin crew and passengers tried to restrain her.

She was kicking and punching, and even scratched up a cabin crew member named Charley Coombe.

Haines' antics sparked a hijack alert, which then prompted two Royal Air Force fighter jets to scramble up there and intercept the plane, guiding it back to Stansted for an emergency landing.

She later claimed she had blacked out and didn't really remember anything after downing her unholy cocktail.

Haines pleaded guilty to two charges: endangering the safety of a passenger plane and assault by beating.

Jet2 has also banned her for life after her little air rage incident cost them £86,000.
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