Woman inhales whole durian because she can't bring it on train

That's one way to take care of it.


NSFW    QUZHOU, CHINA — A woman managed to put down an entire durian after she was told there was no way she could take it on the train with her.
Durian is popular throughout Asia and is known for its rather unique and fragrant gym sock-esque aroma.
According to the Shanghaiist, the woman thought it would be cool to bring the pungent fruit with her to the train station in the Zhejiang city of Quzhou. Security personnel informed her it would not be.
Rather than just toss the fruit, she borrowed a saw from someone and proceeded to hack and saw at it.
After finally getting it open, she starts going to town on it.

She scarfs down the whole durian with time to spare to catch her train.
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