Woman hunts down stolen car, gets it back from thief

A woman from Missouri tracked down the thief that stole her car and took back what rightfully belonged to her.


NSFW    KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — A woman in Kansas City was out and about when her vehicle suddenly got stolen. She filed a police report, and then decided to take matters into her own hands.

Danielle Reno was picking up her daughter from a gas station in Kansas city when her car, a Toyota 4Runner, was stolen.

Reno said they stalked the car thieves for 48 hours, and the perps were none the wiser."

KCTV5 News reports that Reno tracked her debit card, credit card, and phone — all of which had been left behind in her car.

A gas station attendant told her that the car thieves were heading to Applebee's, so that's where she went.

Reno said they were at the restaurant when the woman walked in the door. She swiftly slipped out the front and made her way to her vehicle.

Reno opened the car door and was hit by a pungent smell — the backseat was filled with beer bottles and other nasty stuff, according to KCTV5 News.

She later watched and filmed the car thief and her accomplices as they were arrested by the cops."

Alas, Reno said she won't be driving the car anymore due to the damage caused by the car thieves.

The police told KCTV5 News that they don't recommend people do this, though they did say Reno never technically put herself in harm's way.

Commentators were quick to praise Reno, with one saying, "Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do."
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