Woman grows 10 tiny stones in her eyes after wearing contacts for a month

It wasn’t until her eyes were red, itchy, and irritable that she sought medical help.


NSFW    A woman in Zhejiang, China went to the hospital to complain about her red itchy eyes.

No wonder, as she’d been wearing the same pair of contact lenses for a whole month. The young woman purchased a cheap pair of “big eye” contacts to make her eyes look larger. Big eye contacts are soft lens contacts designed to make the irises of the eyes look larger and this presumably makes women more attractive.

Vanity has it’s price though.

The woman finally went to the hospital after her eyes became red, itchy, and very unattractive. The doctors there removed the contact lens and discovered 10 tiny protein stones embedded in the cornea of the woman’s eyes.

The protein deposits can be scraped away with a needle but it’ll be a while yet before the woman will be able to wear contacts. And we bet she’s vain enough to want to go right back to using them despite her experience.

If contacts are worn too long or the wearer has poor hygiene practices, microscopic amoebas can grow in between the contact lens and the cornea. The amoebas will eat the cornea and long term damage can result in blindness.

We suggest changing your contacts regularly, practice good hygiene by taking your contacts out every 8 hours to be cleaned, and keep an eye out for signs of irritation or infection.
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