Woman goes blind in one eye from staring at phone too much

Night time mobile phone usage was the culprit.


NSFW    SHENZHEN, CHINA — A woman in China is looking at things a bit differently after losing sight in her left eye from over excessive mobile phone usage.
According to a Pear Video report, a woman from Shenzhen in China's Guangdong province had spent an entire night staring into her smartphone—not so smart.
When she woke up the next morning, after about five minutes things started to get blurry in her left eye until she couldn't see anything.
Cyclops then hightailed it over to Songgang People's Hospital where doctors quickly zeroed in on the cause.
Looking at her bright mobile screen all night had caused blood vessels to burst in her eye.
Doctors said images taken of her eye revealed large patches of blood on her retina, obstructing her vision.
Luckily for Left Eye, physicians were able to use a laser to drill a small hole in her retina to let the blood flow from the burst vessels, which allowed her to regain her vision.

Reports say she's now recovering from the procedure. Hopefully someone gave her a phone to look at to pass the time.
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