Woman gets washed away by monster wave in Santander, Spain


NSFW    Defying Death

Today’s Tomo Darwin award goes to this chick here in Santander Spain, who decided to laugh in the face of danger...or should I say, do a little 2 step in the face of impending doom… However she may need to get her eyes checked because what she thought was a small wave ended giving her a watery pimp slap.

All because she felt the need to do a little watusi out on the beach...in the middle of an oncoming storm…in gale force winds… So un-smart.

This may become a trend or something, I don’t know… like last years “Team Twerk Videos” or even now with “Lebronning”... At any rate, we need to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t get outta hand…

So TomoNews proudly presents, “Why you shouldn’t get your groove on in the face of impending doom.”
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