Woman gets mob of men to show up for mass Tinder date in NYC

Looks likes Natasha Aponte wins Tinder, with some help.


NSFW    NEW YORK — A self-proclaimed singer, actress and model from New York City managed to win Tinder over the weekend after she tricked hundreds of men into a massive dating competition.
According to the Gothamist, Natasha Aponte was able to get a boatload of men to show up to Union Square on Sunday thinking they were going to be on a one-on-one Tinder date.
According to CBS News, Aponte sent out Tinder texts inviting unsuspecting men with messages like, "Hey, I'm finally free, do you wanna meet up at Union Square for my friend's DJ set, we'll get a drink and we'll see what happens."
With the cheese carefully placed, all Aponte had to do was wait. Hundreds of eager men started showing up as expected.
That's when Aponte hopped on stage, protected by bodyguards, and informed everyone that they had all been invited for a chance to go on a date with her.

She then proceeded to live swipe-right and swipe-left by calling out things she wasn't into, like Puerto Ricans, Trump supporters and guys with long beards.

Then she actually had men line of for a race. Even crazier, a lot of guys actually did it.
Turns out this may have all been a viral stunt as Aponte had producer Rob Bliss helping her out. Bliss was the one who helped make the now famous catcalling video from 2014.
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