Woman gets bitten by venomous snake inside Virginia restaurant

A woman got bitten by a venomous copperhead snake while walking through the foyer of a steakhouse in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


NSFW    FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA — A Virginia woman hoping to get a big, juicy steak instead got a substantial helping of snake, with a side of venom.

The Free-Lance Star reports that while walking through the foyer at Longhorn Steakhouse with her family, Rachel Myrick's left foot got chomped on by an unlikely culprit. Thrice.

Initially thinking she got stung by a bee or hornet, Myrick groped her foot and realized to her horror that there was an 8-inch copperhead snake attached to it. After quickly shaking it off, her boyfriend and son stomped on the snake to kill it.

They then called 911, but left the dead snake on the floor so the EMTs could confirm what it was.

Waiting for help was excruciating, as Myrick's foot quickly began to swell. When the swelling later spread all the way to her hip and thigh, doctors gave her antivenin.

She has since been released after spending over five days in the hospital, but says the recovery will take about three more months. Ouch.

Copperhead bites aren't fatal to humans, but they're pretty painful.

The restaurant still doesn't know how the snake got in, but suspect it may slithered in from a retention pond down the hill. Probably wanted a nice, juicy steak, too.
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