Woman flipped by bison at same park her date was gored at months earlier

Kyler Bourgeous was injured by a bison at a park in June, only to see his date be attacked in September.


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ANTELOPE ISLAND, UTAH — A man and a woman went out on a friendly date to Antelope Island State Park only for the woman to be attacked by a bison just months after her partner was attacked by one at the same location.

Kayleigh Davis was walking on a trail in the park with her date Kyler Bourgeous when Kayleigh decided to run ahead. It was then that she spotted the bison. She turned around and tried to make her way back to Kyler.

Kayleigh told the BBC that the bison then started charging towards her and lifted her roughly 15 feet into the sky. She then landed on her back and stayed still as the bison sniffed her.

Kayleigh had broken her right ankle and wounded her leg.

Eventually the bison wandered away and she was airlifted to a hospital in Utah after receiving help from people passing by.

At the hospital the 22-year-old had learned that the bison's horn had actually pierced through her ankle.

Her partner, Kyler Bourgeous, went through a similar ordeal in June.

Kyler told the BBC that the bison had ended up goring his hip and armpit, before stomping and kicking his head.
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