Woman fired after refusing man entry into his own building

A Missouri woman was fired after she was caught on camera blocking a black neighbor from entering his own apartment building.


NSFW    ST. LOUIS — A Missouri woman's entitlement was on full display Saturday, when she tried to stop a black man from entering his own apartment complex.

Fox reports that D'Arreion Toles had been returning home to his loft in downtown St. Louis when a woman walking her dog parked herself in front of the door and wouldn't budge.

A series of videos taken at the scene shows Toles asking the woman, later identified as Hilary Brooke Mueller, repeatedly to please move, but she only asks if he's a resident.

When he confirms he lives in the building, she then demands his apartment number, refusing to let him through when he won't tell, saying she's uncomfortable.

And yet even after he moves past, she kept on following him — into the elevator and all the way to his unit. She seems to back off after he unlocks his front door, and does a weird 180 claiming to want to meet him because he's a neighbor.

The encounter should have ended with Toles shutting his door. But Mueller took it a step further by calling police, who came 30 minutes later asking about the incident.

The videos were posted to Facebook and have since gotten millions of views, and even more online hate directed at Hallway Hillary.

Her employers weren't too happy with her racially profiling her neighbor either, and have since fired her over the disturbing video.

Well, you know what they say about karma.
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