Woman finds 'hundreds' of maggots on hotel floor

A makeup artist and her partner were appalled when they found maggots "everywhere" in their room.


NSFW    THE BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA — A hotel is getting a ton of negative reviews after a video of "hundreds of maggots" in one of their bathrooms went public.

Hayley Johnsen, a makeup artist, said she and her partner just checked into the hotel when she noticed something that "looked like a Tic Tac" on the floor, Fox News reported.

She took a closer look and realised it wasn't a Tic Tac, but a maggot, and the bathroom floor was littered with them.

She and her partner rush downstairs to the front desk inform them the room "is completely infested."

The front desk offered to move them to another room but refused to give them a refund.

Johnson and her partner insisted they get a refund, which is when the manager "demanded the couple check out immediately."

Johnson said she and her partner then informed the police … they agreed it was a health hazard but were "unable to step in to resolve the issue."

Johnson took to social media to share the story and told her followers to "call and complain"... after which the hotel received a ton of negative reviews.

According to Mercury News, Johnson got what she wanted with the hotel apologizing to them and finally giving them a refund.
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