Woman eats instant noodles for 3 weeks to save money

Too bad genius ended up in the hospital and blew all the money she saved.


NSFW    You Idiot!

NANTONG, CHINA — In an attempt to save big bucks for the biggest Chinese shopping extravaganza of the year — Singles Day — a really smart Chinese woman decided to eat nothing but instant noodles for three straight weeks.

Singles Day is like Black Friday on juice and apparently is the biggest shopping event in the world. Yay!
According to Shanghaiist, a college student named Hong Jia decided to consume only instant noodles in a bid to save some cash for the November 11 shopping holiday.
Then a strange thing happened — Hong's body didn't react so well to only being fed instant noodles.

And when Singles Day finally rolled around, Hong unfortunately didn't get blow all her money like all the other shopping sheep in China, because she was in the hospital running a high fever.
She was forced to spend two days in the hospital — and the cherry on top? She had to blow all the money she saved to pay for her medical bills. Doh!

But don't worry, in the end Hong did get to buy something — a face mask. Well, there's always next year.
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