Woman drives onto train tracks because of her GPS

Police were kind enough to post a picture to Facebook.


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DUQUESNE, PENNSYLVANIA — A woman was paying a little bit too much attention to her GPS while driving around the Pittsburgh area last week.
According to WFLA, late last Wednesday night, the police got a call about a vehicle on the wrong track—literally, as the car was on the railroad tracks.

When the po po showed up on scene the driver—aka Google Maps—told them "her GPS advised her to go this way."
A Facebook post from the City of Duquesne Police Department said the woman was totally sober and had no medical conditions affecting her decision-making.
When one of the commenters blamed the driver's common sense for not kicking in when the GPS told her to turn onto the tracks, the cops were kind enough to respond.

"Just to be clear. This vehicle was going straight on the highway and veered off. There was no turn involved here."
Unfortunately, Magellan's car had to be towed from the tracks and she was given a ticket for careless driving.
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