Woman drives 19 miles with ex on hood of her car

A woman was filmed driving on the highway with her ex.


NSFW    FLORIDA — A video showing a Florida woman cruising at 70 mph down the interstate with her ex clinging for dear life onto the hood of the car has gone viral.

Twenty-four-year-old Patresha Isidore and twenty-two-year-old Junior Francis reportedly had a fight before they went all Fast and Furious.

Apparently both Isidore and Francis needed to use the car but Isidore got a hold of it first.

Francis jumped on top of the hood of the car to try to stop Isidore but....it didn't quite work out.The two were then seen barreling down the freeway for a short 19 miles.

Francis told WPLG he "held on to the car with one hand while calling 911 with the other."

Isidore was then arrested on a negligence charge, even though Francis reportedly told the police he didn't want to press charges against his baby mama. The two love birds have a 5-year-old daughter together.
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