Woman discovers some 50 brown recluse spiders in her bedroom

A woman was rushed to the emergency room after being bit by one of them.


NSFW    BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE — A woman got the shock of her life when she discovered dozens of spiders inside her bedroom.

Angela Wright made the discovery after she was bitten by several and rushed to the emergency room, reports CBS News. Apparently the brown recluse spider infestation was unknown to Wright until she was bitten several times on her chest and arm while she was sleeping."

Wright said she "woke up with arm pain" and noticed bumps on her chest and arm but she didn't suspect it to be anything serious.

She even went to the doctor to get medication for the bumps, but felt like it "didn't help" because her chest starting hurting.

A few days later, Wright said she felt like she was "hallucinating" and could barely walk. That was when she was rushed into the emergency room.

Wright later claimed she found nearly 50 spiders in her bedroom, hanging out everywhere from the ceiling to her bed, reports WSMV.

Wright said she and her fiance are now trying to move out of the apartment as soon as possible. Yeah, that makes sense.
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