Woman dies after falling off cliff looking for the toilet

Faye Reed was looking for a place to go to the bathroom when she plunged off a cliff at Beachy Head in East Sussex.


NSFW    EAST SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM — A woman is no longer around after accidentally plunging off a cliff edge while looking for the bathroom.
According to the Eastborne Herald, 22-year-old Faye Reed was with some friends on the night of March 25 when they stopped at Beachy Head in East Sussex so she could hit the head.
According to the paper, Charmane Dixon, Nicole Davies and Reed were being driven by their friend Rayan Kalhei when they asked him to pull over so they could take a leak.
Unfortunately, it was really dark where they were. Reed didn't realize she was right next to the cliff's edge and stumbled over it.
The paper said her friends heard a scream and realized she had fallen from the top of the cliff.
They immediately called the police while they tried to search for Reed. Coast guard helicopters were then dispatched and her body was found later.

Dixon said they three had drank a little bit, and a toxicology report found Reed had a small amount of alcohol in her system.
According to the Eastborne Herald, Detective Sergeant Chris Milner said there was only a small patch of grass between the road and the cliff's edge.

He said it was a "tragic accident" and there were no suspicious circumstances.

Next time you want to go, make sure you can see WHERE you're going.
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