Woman dies after doctor removes her ovaries during surgery

When the woman learned her ovaries had been removed during the surgery without her permission, the doctor told her that he did her a favor.


NSFW    BRISTOL, ENGLAND — One of Britain's most well-known doctors is now under investigation after removing a woman's ovaries during a surgery without her consent.

Reported by the Telegraph, in 2016, Lucinda Methuen-Campbell, 58, was experiencing a bowel problem and sought help at Spire Hospital in Bristol, England.

The woman eventually had to go through a surgery, which was carried out by Dr. Anthony Dixon, who was internationally renowned for using mesh to fix bowel problems.

The woman later learned something shocking — her ovaries had been removed during the surgery, but without her permission. Dixon told her that he did her a favor.

In an interview with the BBC, Methuen-Campbell said Dixon defended his decision by telling Methuen-Campbell that her ovaries were in the way.

Despite the follow-up operation, Methuen-Campbell was still experiencing excruciating pain constantly.

After telling her ex-partner that there didn't seem to be a solution for her pain, Methuen-Campbell was later found dead, hanging in her attic of her home in the village of Three Crosses, near Swansea.

Methuen-Campbell's ex-partner and son told the media that while she was alive, she was in a great deal of pain after the operations and was very upset that her ovaries had been removed, and no one was able to solve the problem.

Swansea assistant coroner Aled Gruffydd ruled the death a suicide, and cited that the operation made the pain worse and affected the woman's mental health.

Since the incident, Dixon has been suspended by both Spire[g] Hospital and Southmead Hospital, he's currently under investigation by England's National Health Service.

In a response to the surgery, Dixon admitted that all operations have potential problems but they were done in good faith and most of them were successful.
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