Woman defends Spanish-speaking women from racist shopper

A video showing footage of a white woman stepping in to defend two Hispanic women against a racist white shopper insisting they should speak in English has gone viral.


NSFW    USA — A video that has gone viral since it was posted earlier this month features a shopper who was outraged by two Spanish-speaking woman.

The footage shows her giving them a piece of her mind when another woman at the store promptly steps in to their defense.

Linda Dwire was shopping at a grocery store when she overheard the two women speaking Spanish to one another. She confronted them and told them to speak English and be an American, reports The Washington Post.

Kamira Trent immediately intervened and told Dwire to leave the women alone and not harass them. She also threatened to call the cops.

Dwire continued to argue with Trent saying "you will lose your country," and accused her of not understanding as she is "from another generation."

Trent eventually did call the cops and Dwire was arrested and charged with two counts of bias-motivated harassment.

A video of the incident was shot by one of the woman speaking Spanish and shared on social media where it has since received a million views.

Comments on social have been filled with praise for Trent for stepping in and standing up for the two, calling her a "shero."
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