Woman claims she was kicked off plane due to overexposed breasts

A 21-year-old airline passenger claims she was told to get off a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale because of her big boobs.


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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — A young woman on board a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale says she was booted off the plane moments before take off because of her large breasts.

On January 30, the woman, 21, was sitting in her seat when she claims a flight attendant asked her to cover up her exposed bosom. She tried, but apparently her attempt wasn’t enough, and twice more she was told by other flight attendants to keep her chest covered. When she said she couldn’t help the fact her breasts were big and asked for a blanket, the staff told her the airline no longer offered them, so she put a coat on.

A female passenger sitting in front turned around to offer the embarrassed young girl a tissue, and that’s when a male stewardess came by and kicked them both off the plane, as well as the girl’s friend. The sympathetic passenger, Catherine Supp, then posted her account of what happened to Facebook, blasting the airline staff for their hostile treatment toward the girl.

Spirit Airlines stands by its decision, saying it was not a case of oversized breasts, but of bad behavior. A spokesman said the flight attendants had received numerous complaints about the girl acting drunk, a claim the girl and other passengers seated around her refute.
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