Woman chases porch pilferer, forces her to return stolen goods

An app on her phone notified her that someone was at her front door.


NSFW    LAKEWOOD, COLORADO — Renee Abeyta was home taking care of some chores last Wednesday afternoon when an app on her phone said someone was at the front door.
According to KDVR, at first Abeyta thought a delivery person had dropped something off, but when she checked outside, she didn't see anything.
She then checked the Ring app on her phone, which uses a camera device to monitor and record events outside a residence.

Turns out someone was helping herself to a package on Renee's front porch. By the time Abeyta got outside, sticky fingers was crossing the street to get away.
Abeyta hopped in her ride and drove after the woman, parked, and then confronted the porch pirate.
With her phone out recording, Abeyta asks the woman for her name and threatens to call the po po.
The woman then takes off running, but so does Abeyta, who doesn't give up. The thief finally gets winded and gives the package back to Abeyta.
She then walks away shamefully. Turns out the package was just a Crock Pot cover. However, Abeyta said regardless of what it was, you shouldn't steal from strangers, especially considering the time of the year.
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