Woman caught stealing 8 pairs of jeans by wearing them

A shoplifter in Venezuela was caught by security trying to make off with 8 pairs of jeans by wearing them all at once.


NSFW    VENEZUELA — A shoplifter in South America tried to pull a Joey Tribbiani by wearing the clothes she was planning to steal all at once.

According to The Sun, the incident is believed to have occurred at a store in Venezuela, and involved an unidentified woman and her bizarre plan.

No one knows how she did it, but the crafty lady put on pair after pair after pair of denim jeans — on top of the pair she already had on!

How she even managed to walk, let alone move with that much denim on is another mystery. But she did it, and got as far as the exit before security noticed what was up.

In a video that has since gone viral, Miss Skillz is seen inside a bathroom, peeling each jean layer one by one.

The man filming her counts each one while trying really hard not to laugh. He eventually getting a grand total of eight.

It's unclear if the lady was arrested for charged for any crime, but now that she's famous online, here's hoping she'll think twice next time before shoplifting.
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