Woman catches Miami cops using her brother's mugshot for target practice

Army sergeant Valerie Deant visited the range for annual practice and was shocked to find her brother’s mugshot being used as a target.


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Army sergeant Valerie Deant got a surprise when she visited a Florida gun range recently for her annual weapons training and found an old mugshot of her brother being used as a target.

After investigating further, she found the North Miami Beach police snipers squad had been using the mugshots of Woody Deant and five other African Americans for target practice at Medley Firearms Training Center.

Obviously shocked by what she found Deant immediately informed her brother of what had happened.

The mugshot in question was taken 15 years ago when Woody was arrested in connection with a drag race on Biscayne Boulevard that left two people dead.

Woody served four years in jail but has since reformed and is now a married father and family man with a career.

When quizzed about his police department’s questionable choice of targets, North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis said that the sniper team including minority officers and that use of such photos was vital for facial recognition techniques.

He added that the department also used pictures of whites and hispanics.

While he admitted that his officers could have used better judgement, he said no disciplinary action would be taken as no policies had been violated.
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