Woman bungee jumps to deliver colleagues' lunches

A woman in China is bungee jumping to deliver her coworker's lunchboxes.


NSFW    CHONGQING, CHINA — A Chinese woman is impressing the internet community with her no-nonsense, speedy approach to mealtime.

Wan Tiandi is a worker at Wansheng Dream Ordovician Park, an adrenaline junkie's paradise. Here she is bungee jumping off a mountain to feed her coworkers.

According to the South China Morning Post, Wan makes the near-1000ft bungee jump because it's more efficient and a lot faster.

In the past when her colleagues received the lunches, they were already cold, which, hey-presto, gave birth to this totally sensible idea.
Due to the geography of the park, what would be an over 30-minute drive down the mountain, now takes mere minutes.

The report also said her colleagues praised her for working hard to deliver the hot food.
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