Woman brutally bites random stranger in subway, then strips

The 36-year-old left the unfortunate man's face bloodied, and got the whole train evacuated in the process.


NSFW    CHONGQING CHINA — A woman had a serious dementia crisis in Chongqing's subway, brutally biting a complete stranger before stripping down in the train.

On June 18th at around 1 p.m. in Chongqing, passengers on line 3 of the subway had to be evacuated when a woman surnamed Li, 36, suddenly went crazy.

She started off brutally biting a total stranger sitting next to her. Various videos published on Chinese social media show the man struggling to get the woman off him while uttering cries of pain. He finally got rid of her by knocking her on the head.

She left his face completely bloodied. According to Chongqing Rail Transit, the infortunate 56-year-old guy was later taken to the hospital.

The woman was later seen screaming as if she were possessed by some kind of demonic spirit. She then rolled on the floor while helpless spectators desperately sought help. She finished by stripping off her clothes, standing alone in the empty train with her arms spread wide.

Subway staff evacuated passengers, and the police had to intervene to subdue her and get her off the train.

An investigation is still in process to explain the woman's behavior. According to local reports, she is currently going through marital issues, and she may have acted after a fight with her husband.
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