Woman attacked by jaguar after crossing barrier to take selfie

Jaguar claws woman who crosses zoo barrier to take selfie


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LITCHFIELD PARK, ARIZONA — A woman in Arizona learned the hard way that zoo barriers are there for a reason, after a close encounter with jaguar claws.

CNN reports that the lady, who's in her 30s, was at the jaguar enclosure at Arizona's Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium, and Park on Saturday, when she crossed the barrier for a photo op.

She was attempting to take a selfie when the female black jaguar whose cage she was cozying up to pounced and swiped at her with its claws.

According to ABC15, Adam Wilkerson and his family heard her screaming and saw the jaguar claws-deep in her arm. Wilkerson's mom shoved a water through the cage to distract the cat, and he pulled the woman back as soon as the claws were off.

Paramedics were called to treat a nasty gash on the lady's left arm. She was taken to the hospital to get stitches, but was released the same day.

Needless to say, there was little to no sympathy for the selfie-taker on social media, and most were more concerned that the jaguar would be put down for the attack.

The zoo was firmly on their cat's side, and announced on Twitter that she'd keep all nine of her lives, since really, it was the human's fault.

Though to the human's credit, she did apologize to zoo officials for all the negative publicity from her ill-advised photo op.
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