Woman attacked by bison in Yellowstone after getting too close

A woman in a crowd was attacked by a bison after they got a little too close to the animal.


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YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — A bison attacked a woman in a crowd last Wednesday morning after it was approached by a crowd, USA Today reports.

The crowd was walking on a boardwalk, close to the bison and was apparently within 10 yards of the animal .... when it noticed the people lurking around. It was apparently agitated and decided to charge toward the crowd.

A woman identified as Kim Hancock was gored by the bull, which reportedly left immediately after attacking Hancock.

Hancock was then taken to the hospital by an ambulance after sustaining a hip injury, The Sacramento Bee reports.

This is a third time in a week that animals from Yellowstone have attacked humans, reports The Sacramento Bee.

Two women were reported to have been attacked by the park's female elks earlier this week.
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