Woman arrested after causing the death of two people in car crash in Italy


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A 27-year-old woman was arrested on Saturday on charges of manslaughter after causing the deaths of two people while driving under the influence of alcohol, Italian media reported.

The woman was traveling in a Mercedes with two other people. According to local reports, her alcohol level was three times higher than the legal limit. Two other cars were traveling on the road. A Citroen Saxo carrying two girls and their boyfriends on their way back from a night at the beach and a VW Golf carrying two men.

According to reports, the woman in the Mercedes lost control of the vehicle, entered the opposite lane and smashed into the Citroen. The excessive speed caused the Citroen to then crash into the Golf, killing two and injuring four others.

Police arrived at the scene of the incident and arrested the woman. The 17 and 18-year-old girls died instantly, while their boyfriends are seriously injured.
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