Woman addicted to drinking her own piss

At least she isn't addicted to eating her own mud pies.


NSFW    'MURICA — A woman named Carried from Colorado Springs featured on TLC's "Strange Addictions" likes to drink a something that would gross most other people out.

Her own wee wee.
Carrie was featured on the program several years ago, and at the time had been drinking her own Number 1 for four years. If she's still at it, that mean she's been doing this for a decade.
She apparently downs 80 ounces of her own Country Time Lemonade every day — sometimes by the glass, sometimes through her nose with a Neti pot.
According to Fox News, one doctor said Carrie suffers from a type of Pica disorder where people enjoy eating inorganic things like dirt or wood.

Carrie uses her own pee pee as eye drops, to brush her chompers and on her skin.
During the show she said she drinks almost all the tinkle that leaks out of her body.
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